Greenville Ohio SEO Checklist


SEO checklist – 10 things to check right now with easy to understand explanations for each step.

If you’re new to search engine optimization, or SEO, and frankly, even if you aren’t, there’s a lot to take in, a lot to remember. To make sure your bases are covered, here are ten things to check right now. (Start at the top of your web pages and work down.)

If you are looking for something more advanced check out our SEO technical checklist.

SEO checklist

1) The blue text you see in the search results (see the picture further down) is called the ‘title tag’. What do yours look like? Are they enticing? Keyword rich? If someone read yours, would you want to click through from the search results to your site?

2) Does your meta description, the bit that comes underneath the title in the search results, describe your web page accurately? Is it inviting? If I was a random user, would I click it? The answer to these questions should always be yes.

SERPs listing

3) Are all your URLs (eg, or easy to understand? If a human read them, could they get a sense of what your page was about? Test it now. Pick any page on your website (not your home page), copy what appears in the address bar of your browser and email a relative. An old one. Could they roughly describe your page without seeing it?

4) If someone was to look at your page for three seconds, could they tell youwhat it’s about? Make sure your headers, the headlines in the copy, and the H1 and H2 tags in the code, are descriptive and keyword rich.

5) Is your navigation clear and intuitive? If you asked a stranger to find something on one of your deep-level pages, let’s say, find a specific product or article, could they do it just by using their mouse? Great! OK, now test it. Ask a friend to do this now.

6) Are your images optimized? (Right click on an image and ‘inspect element’ and look at where it says “img alt” – is this an accurate description of the image? Does it even exist? The alt tag is what search engines ‘see’ when you upload an image. It’s also used for site readers for the visually impaired. Ensuring your alt tags are descriptive makes your site more accessible and better for search engines.

7) Does your copy (text) sing? Are the words on your pages inviting, informative and punchy? And do they use the language your customers use, or are they jargonized?

8) Is the copy on every page unique? (It should be.)

9) Does the footer (the bit at the bottom of the web page) offer some more navigation options? Navigation that’s keyword rich, and helpful for users (perhaps they have a slow internet connection – could they still get to where they want to go quickly?). If I just looked at the footer of your home page, would I see links to your most important pages?

10) Do you have clean code? (Right click on your web page and click ‘view page source’ to see the code). Is it free of Javascript and Flash where possible? If you’re not a coder and you asked this question of someone who is, what would they say?

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SEO in Greenville social media marketing

Occasionally, I’ll hear online marketing experts attempt to describe various marketing strategies in discrete contexts and to an extent, this is appropriate. Content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing can all be planned and executed separately. You could hypothetically pursue each one as an individual endeavor. However Burk SEO Co pursues all three.

The reason why we do this is because it’s far more effective if you use these strategies in conjunction with one another, complementing and enhancing your efforts. Content amplifies your SEO campaign by attracting more links and optimizing for certain key phrases and social media feeds into your content campaign by amplifying its reach. But how exactly does social media play into SEO? Can your social media campaign improve your organic search rankings?

Profile information.

One of the first steps Burk SEO Co takes in a social media marketing campaign is claiming and filling out your social profiles with information about your company from your name and type of business to your address and phone number. This is indexable content and it can indirectly help your local rankings; many third-party review sites mine social media profiles for local business information, which they then compile into entries on their site. Google then uses these entries to form its own standard formatting for local business, which means filling out your social media profiles could improve the visibility and accuracy of your business online.

The power of inbound links.

There are two main factors that Google considers when ranking results for a given query — relevance and authority. The relevance of an entry is how appropriately it meets the needs of the given search query, while the authority is how trustworthy or respectable the source is. Authority is determined, in large part, by the inbound link profile of the page (and its domain) in question. To ridiculously oversimplify things, the more, higher-authority links you have pointing to you, the higher you’re going to rank.

This principle is the single biggest reason why social media is important to Burk SEO Co and it’s all because of social media’s operation as a syndication platform. The links in Facebook posts, tweets or other social posts don’t have an impact on your search rankings directly, but the amplified reach they provide your content can result in it attracting more inbound links from sources that do make an impact.

With these best practices and your social media campaign integrated tightly into your content marketing and SEO efforts, you’ll see an impactful increase in every area of development. Social media may only be a peripheral component to your strategy, but that doesn’t leave it with any less potentia

Benefits of Greenville Ohio SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialized research-driven process of analyzing and editing your web site in order to increase the rankings of your
site pages for specific search terms in search engines.

By targeting strategic key phrases that appeal to your target audiences, Burk SEO Co allows you to be found by global or regional markets of individuals who are seeking precisely whatever it is that you offer. Whether it is a product, a service, a mission or a message that you want to promote, search engine optimization provides benefits for just about any type of organization that wants to reach people.

Some of the key benefits of Burk SEO Co include:

Increased visibility among target audiences

SEO is a process focused upon reaching core groups of your target markets by offering information specifically tailored to their needs.

Connect with motivated prospects

SEO is one of the few marketing strategies where your targeted audiences are actively engaged in the process of seeking information about organizations just like yours.

Increased brand recognition & identity

By delivering content that is relevant and easily accessible to consumers, your organizational identity becomes better associated with your mission and core competencies though increased public exposure.


The SEO process used by us at Burk SEO Co is built around achieving your organization’s strategic marketing and outreach goals, whatever they may be.


With SEO, it is possible to customize a number of targeted campaigns to reach diverse audiences as organizational needs evolve.

Measurable results

SEO is one of the few marketing strategies where it is easy to quantify the results of your efforts by analyzing search engine position reports, site statistics, visitor conversion rates and other key indicators. View examples of SEO results delivered for clients.

Greenville SEO Fun Facts

With summer now well and truly behind us, we thought we’d have a bit of fun here at Burk SEO Co and do some research into some fun facts about SEO, Online Marketing and the World Wide Web.
Here are some of the most interesting SEO fun facts and statistics we’ve found:

1. The top 5 search results on the SERPs get 75% of user clicks. (hubspot)

2. Around the world, 131 billion searches are conducted on the web each month. (advisorwebsites, Comscore, January 2010).

3. 70% of the links clicked on by search users are actually organic (searchenginejournal).

4. Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market share (km3media).

5. 81% of businesses consider their blogs as an important asset to their business (searchenginejournal).

6. Search and e-mail are the top two internet activities (searchenginejournal).

7. Page titles are the most important on-page element after content (hubspot).

8. 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page (hubspot).

9. 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results (

10. 50% of search users begin their search with a mobile device and this percentage will only increase (business2community).

Whether you’ve read these facts before, or don’t think they’ll have any effect on your business, hopefully they’ve captured your interest and shown the relevance of Services such as Burk SEO Co nowadays. These facts are just a few examples of the many benefits that Burk SEO can bring to your site.